Cut through all the advertising traffic with a voice that’s

Engaging, Relatable and Upbeat.

Voice actress, Linda Bruno understands the fast-paced world of Automotive Advertising…

and she loves it.


Professional, Flexible and Fast

From luxury automotive or real gal consumer to high energy hard sell, all of your requests can be met. A veteran voiceover actress, Linda is working full time behind her microphone. Meaning turnarounds can be speedy, and for Automotive clients, most are within 2 hours or within your requested timeframe.

She is a true team player that works quickly so you can get back to focusing on profitability and less on production.

Have a discerning client?

One who is either unsure of what they want or tough to satisfy?

Linda understands and is standing by for quick script change turnarounds or specs.

Want to try something out of the box?

Or maybe the client is open to something more creative?

Linda also does character voices and impersonations, so variety is just an email request away.

Decades of Experience

Linda’s very first client was an automotive dealership in Ft Myers, Florida in 1995. And she’s lent her voice to countless clients ever since.

Professional Studio

All audio is recorded in her broadcast quality studio, quickly and professionally. Equipped with a Sennheiser 416 and ProTools.

Happy Customers

“Working with Linda Bruno has been one of the most awesome experiences! What started out as just a simple audition turned in to her voicing local dealerships and 3 large regions for Honda! Nothing says a great voiceover talent like the words


Super quick turnaround time, easy to direct, takes direction well and nails the read EVERY time….what more could I ask for??!”

Jimmy Lavergne
Project Manager, Moran Group

“I found Linda through another voice talent I work with. I mean that says it all. If the competition is recommending you, you must be doing something right. Right indeed, Linda is a pros pro. On-time delivery, high quality recordings, and the gift to visually convey emotion with just the sound of her voice. You can see it just by listening. You would be lucky to be in such capable hands! Now pay me my money, LINDA!”

Jan-Michael Cifonie

Audio Post Sound Design, Vazda Studios

“Linda is smiling. Why is Linda smiling? She’s smiling because everyone else in the session is smiling. The engineer is smiling because Linda sounds fabulous on her top-notch gear, and the producer is smiling. The producer is smiling because Linda has delivered another stellar take — hitting all the right notes, and the client is smiling. The client is smiling because Linda is among the best voices in the business and delivers a nuanced read that leaves the right impression.”

David Hughes

Digital Vibrations, Inc.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

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